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How to repel mosquito and pests from your yard

With so many new products on the market to repel mosquito bites, you may be confused as to which product is best for you.  Grocery store shelves are lines with repellents designed to repel mosquito swarms from biting you.  With new occurrences of West Nile virus across the country, consumers are wising up and protecting themselves from these pesky biting flies.

A standard mosquito spray that contains the ingredient DEET is your best bet for protecting yourself from being bitten by mosquitoes.

 If you spend a lot of time outdoors in your own backyard or on a campsite, you might consider alternate ways to repel mosquito bites, such as mosquito traps or foggers.

Many people do not believe in using pesticides and may want to find natural ways to repel mosquito bites.  Some natural oils such as tea tree and lavender have been shown to discourage mosquitoes from biting.

Candles with citronella can also be placed around your backyard seating area to keep the air clear of mosquitoes, but some may still make it to bite you, so you may want to combine various protection ideas if you live in a heavily mosquito populated area.

Mosquito Cure-Protection is your first defense
There is not a direct Mosquito Cure for when you get a bite except to control the disease that may have been passed on. Your best solution is for protection with clothing and repellents, nets.

Mosquito Foggers-Quick repellent for mosquitoes
Mosquito Foggers provide you with a treatment for mosquitoes that is quick and allows you to control those pesky insects. Che mosquito fog treatment can last for hours in the area that it is sprayed.

Mosquito Solutions-mosquito traps, repellents, mosquito netting
Pests now can easily be fought with mosquito traps and spraying. We realize that is it handy to fight those little critters back with some state of the art mosquito traps. This way you will avoid getting bit or at least reduce the risk of it. There are a number of devices and tools that state that they can kill a mosquito.

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