Does Mosquito Season Ever End

As summer comes to a close you may be wondering if mosquito season will ever end.  There is good news and bad news, it really depends on where you live.  Mosquito season is regulated by temperatures so if you live in the southern US you can be dealing with them most of the year, whereas the further north you go the shorter the season.  When it gets cold mosquitoes will go live underground but as soon as it warms up they are back bothering you again.

In the Southern US temperatures rarely hit the freezing mark and when they do it is usually only for a couple of days out of the year.  If you live in the south it can seem like you’re dealing with insects all year long.  Throughout the year mosquitoes will live in your gardens, plants, drains or even your house, they go anywhere they can find some heat.

Why Are Mosquitos Dangerous

Most of the time a mosquito bite is nothing more than a nuisance, you scratch for a day or two and it’s over with.  But that’s not always the case, mosquitos around the world carry infectious diseases with them and are responsible for the deaths of more than a million people globally, including some right here at home.

Even in the US where there is quality healthcare and hygiene there are certain areas where people with compromised immune systems or pregnant women are in danger during mosquito season.  The Zika virus is the latest threat but it isn’t the only one, West Nile virus can also be a problem for people.  Mosquitos can make both people and your pets sick, that’s why they are more than just irritating.

The End of Mosquito Season

The US has a variety of regions all with their own climate but mosquitoes like warm wet climates so if you live in the Gulf area you’re going to be dealing with them all year long.  Once winter temperatures start going lower than 50F then mosquitos will start dying.  That means that almost all of the US will get a break for at least a little while.  There are some mosquitos that hibernate in the cold and will seek shelter in your yard that is why it is so important to keep your yard from being a mosquito sanctuary.  Clean up any standing water and incorporate some mosquito repelling plants to help rid yourself of these obnoxious pests.