Why Do Some People Get Bit More Than Others?

Why Do Some People Get Bit More Than Others

Have you ever been out with friends or family on a warm summer night and you’re the one getting eaten alive by mosquitos while everyone else seems to be having a great time.  It’s not all in your head mosquitos do have their favorites.  So why do some people get bit more than others?  Let’s look at why mosquitoes seem to love you best.

Blood Type

If you are lucky enough to have type O blood then not only are a universal blood donor but mosquitos think you taste better.  Research suggest that type O is the most popular among mosquitos with those who have type A coming next.  This might be the reason that mosquitos pick you rather than everyone else.  Unfortunately there isn’t much that you can do about that.

The Bacteria on Your Skin

Our skin is covered in bacteria and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing but certain bacteria are attractive to mosquitos.  They are picky though and prefer people with minimal bacteria on their skin.

Your Metabolism

No, mosquitos don’t care how heavy or thin you are but your metabolism determines how much CO2 that you release.  Mosquitos are attracted to CO2 and the more the better.  We all release CO2 at different rates but pregnant women release far more than anyone else, so if you’re pregnant then you’re a gourmet dinner to mosquitos.

How to Repel Mosquitos

Don’t Drink Beer

There have been studies that have shown that mosquitos are big fans of beer drinkers.  You can either switch to wine or lather on the bug spray.  If you are having a party in your yard a good fan will help keep them away as well.

Wash Off the Sweat

If you have been playing any sports outside or going running then you want to get rid of the sweat as soon as possible.  Mosquitos can detect the smell of sweat and that will bring them in droves so washing off the sweat will help keep them at bay.

Get Some Bug Spray

Bug spray is a great way to keep the mosquitos off you while you are outside but it isn’t foolproof.  If you are outside playing soccer or baseball you may sweat off the bug spray, also bug spray doesn’t work for everyone and you can still get bit despite the insect repellent.  You want to try different kinds until you find one that works for you.  If you want to keep enjoying your backyard but without the bug bites you may also want to add some citronella torches around your space to help keep them away.